I discussed this to some degree in a post I published quite recently (My Closet Geek), but I thought it might call for a bit more explaining. Not everyone quite understands why I want this blog to be read so much, so here it is.

I’m a Nerd.

The Truth!!

I’m a Geek.

Most of you reading this blog have already figured this out, likely enough.

Hang tight, though, cuz there’s more to it than that.

I grew up during a time when we as Nerds/Geeks were still on the fringes and still considered Counterculture, along with the Goths, Punks, etc. We weren’t considered cool or chic, the way were are now. The mainstream often thought of us as comic relief (i.e. Steve Urkle), or weaklings that happen to have big brains, or people that dress up in funny costumes and watch Lord of the Rings. We were awkward, uninterested in mainstream sports,  or concerns about the way other people generally perceived us. As a result, we were bullied, scorned, and isolated from “normal” people (whom I’ve taken to calling “Muggles“).

Being a Nerd/Geek kid during this time was especially hard for me because, while I had my peers – my brothers/sisters in Nerdery, there was no one around of my kind that I could really look up to, no one to tell me that it was okay to simply be who I am. I seriously needed that, and I’m certain that there were others at the time who did as well. Teachers tried to play that role for many of us, but not all of us had the same caliber of Teachers and were not always given the “Be who you are” speech so much as the “Why are you so ODD?” talk. Being a Geek of Color in a neighborhood that didn’t really appreciate that didn’t really help my cause much either.

Mind you, I grew up. I went through various stages of self change, denial, and realization that brought me back to my Nerdy, Geeky, Awesome self, but not everyone does or did. I had a few friends to help me along the path, but I mostly had to figure myself out. It wasn’t until I moved to Washington and started working in Seattle and meeting really awesome Nerdy folk that I really began to remember who and what I was and who I wanted to be. Becoming a father also played its part in that.

So here’s how it is (finally) – I’m writing this for myself, but I’m also writing this for YOU, the Nerds, the Geeks, and even the Nerd/Geek-Adjacent. This Blog will be here to provide an outlet for me to Geek out about stuff as often as I am able to, but also to provide YOU, our young Geeks and our older more experienced but still maybe uncertain Geeks a place to be reassured that who you are is absolutely beautiful and is fantastic!! Simply Fantastic!!

I’m no Dan Pearce or Wil Wheaton or Chris Hardwick, nor am I trying to compete with any of them. I, in fact, love these guys and simply wish to add my voice to theirs and the many others who have become advocates of all that is good and awesome about Geek Culture and about just being awesome Human Beings.

So whatever your nerdy/geeky affiliations, I hope that you stop by often, subscribe, RSS, or any of the other various methods that are available to keep up with this Blog. If you like it, tell a friend, have them tell their friends and maybe we can start something awesome here. Something Huge and Fantastic! Something that might make the world a better place for us all – or, at the very least, help it to make a little more sense.

I look forward to having a Fraking Awesome time with you – all of you!!

May the Dice roll ALWAYS in your favor!!

– Sphinx Akashaa Duncan

Geek, Nerd, Musician, Writer, Husband, Dad, Friend, Citizen of the Planet _________  😉