So, once again, it’s been entirely too bloody frelling long since I’ve linked with you all.

This, most definitely, is my fault.

I could easily blame it on having too much to do and not enough energy, or time, or any of the other excuses that people lean on to make themselves feel better.

I’m going to tell you the truth.

I’ve been lazy. I’ve also been kind of scared; mostly of the idea that no one actually reads the randomness sprawled within this blog. And yet, I keep paying for this domain name, so I’m going to try to get better about it. I can’t promise that I’ll be writing an entry every day, or even more than maybe once a week, for that matter. I will, however, try my best to, at least, give you a weekly dosage of my particular brand of nerdy.

So here’s what’s been going on since last we spoke:

1. I left my job working for the IT call center at a large retail corp. There were a considerable number of factors involved in this that I won’t get into, suffice it to say that I’m done with that particular aspect of my life. I’ve moved on to another ITHD job where I am much happier and may be able to move up in the world just a little bit.

2. I have begun seriously writing music again. I have been remiss in this for a little while as other pursuits and general laziness have pretty much stifled my connection to my music and musical self. To this end I have begun working with my dear friend Christopher Blount and a few musical co-collaborators and we have formed a mighty Avengers-esque team known as the Gentlemen of Leisure (do we have a website? I’m pretty sure there should be a website, or someone ; should build one for us) We are all working on our solo projects (Chris just released an Album titled I Win, which is a fantastic body of work) and will be teaming up for some collaborative efforts as well. It’s got me writing and obsessing over music again, which, in the end, is a blessing in and of itself. I’m hoping that this will be just the boost I need to help me finish Singularity.

3. One of the first pieces I wrote was about my return to pen and paper tabletop gaming, primarily Dungeons and Dragons. Since then, I have taken part in a few gaming groups both in-person and online and have found lots of happiness in the games, but also have been really feeling the urge to create something of my own. To that end, I am (for the first time) taking on the role of Dungeon Master and will be running a series of campaigns set in the amazing Dungeons and Dragons world of Eberron. I’m very excited about it and have a ton of plans for the group but I’ll get more into that in a different post that I’ll put up soon. (No, really! I promise!)

4. The Olympics are coming…

Anyone who knows me knows how awesome that is and how excited I get about the Summer and Winter games…so, yeah!

Okay, that’s all I really have to say on this. I guess I’ll get to work on my other post now.

er…Ill see you…soon?