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I’ll give you a hint…

IT's ME (Well, THAT'S Terry Crews being awesome, but you get the idea)

IT’s ME (Well, THAT’S Terry Crews being awesome, but you get the idea)

I can’t remember when my last post was, but it’s been a WHILE, and I’m sorry about that. I promise I’m going to do my best to be better about this whole blogging thing, especially now that I have stuff to blog about!

Now, where to begin…


Well, I can remember telling you all about the band I was helping to start.

Well, it’s a full on thing now. We are The Gentlemen Of Leisure Collective (because apparently, when we chose the name “Gentlemen of Leisure” we learned that there were a few bands out there that had already used the name. So, we added “Collective” to differentiate us from them…it’s not completely worked yet, as we occasionally get mistaken for a wedding band who went by that name…but…you know, we just roll with it).


I mean check that out!! We put out and album and everything!

We’re playing shows, and even put out our very first full length album last October.


The Gentlemen of Leisure Collective are: (left to right) Skylar Jones on Keys, Chris Blount the emcee/rapper, Pope James on Drums, Brendan Hardy (not pictured) on Drums (yeah, that’s right. TWO DRUMMERS), Sphinx Akashaa Duncan (that’s me!) on Vocals and Guitar, and Jen Hasson on Vocals and Cello! 

You can listen to it on iTunes, Spotify, and everywhere else you can buy or listen to digital music.

It’s really good stuff and we’re all very proud of it! Honestly you should check it out whenever you have a chance!

Let’s see, what else has happened?

I co-host a podcast now, which is fun. It’s called Profoundly Ignorant! It’s Run by myself, Chris Blount, and Breezi Rumsey.


The hosts of Profoundly Ignorant: (Left to right) Breezi Rumsey, Chris Blount, and look, there’s ME again!

Our podcast is, mostly, social commentary with a bunch of pop-culture and geekery sprinkled in there. It’s fun, it’s hilarious, and you can find us on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher.

You should check us out and like, subscribe, and share with your friends. You know, if you’re into awesome stuff!

And speaking of awesome stuff…

I’m also hosting my very own podcast. A bi-weekly Live-Play D&D podcast called Agents of the Circle which I made another post about, here!

Agents of The Circle Logo

Look mom! A Logo!!

We’re only two episodes in, with episode 3 releasing on Thursday. I’ll be writing more about those on this blog as well. (Hopefully with pictures of the cast and MAYBE drawings of the Characters – if you like what you hear and would like to make fan art as well, YES PLEASE!!)

“Okay, that was fun. What else is happening with you?”

Since you asked

So, I will tell you, internet!!

Well, last December we sold our house and bought another one, in a pretty nice neighborhood in Lakewood, Washington. So that’s where we live now! It’s off a golf course, but we don’t play golf. It is, however, amusing to watch golfers from our back yard.


Oooouuur house…is a VERY VERY VERY FINE HOUSE!!

Also, you remember my little girl, right?

the bug

look at her! Who wouldn’t want to do everything possible to give this kid a happy life?

Well, this is her now:


Look at this cutie! Still my favorite person ever!

Yup, just finished the second grade and going over to the third grade. She actually helps me with my D&D podcast now (you can actually hear her on the 2nd and 3rd episodes a little). Yes, she has a LOT of hair – she takes after me and her mommy that way!


Yup! We’re still here! Looking awesome and being Geeky!

We still have our dogs, Rufus and Alice.


Alice and Rufus, still puppies here!

Though we nearly lost Rufus to a very scary accident where he decided to run after a pair of geese in our new backyard, and slipped and fell.

You know how our moms used to say “You keep running around like that and you’ll fall and break your neck”? No one ever told me that it could apply to dogs as well.

When Rufus fell down, he fell on his neck and herniated a disk.

I’ll tell you now, watching my dog go into shock and paralysis is one of the scariest things that have ever happened to me. I don’t recommend it.

listen to Shaq

if you won’t listen to me…listen to Shaq!

Long story short, he had to have surgery to have the disc removed (also a spot of cancer that we didn’t know was there until the surgery, but that’s an entirely different thing) and was able to come home a week later. One week later he took his first steps on his own again and now…almost three months later, he’s nearly fully recovered, albeit with an odd gait to his walk.

Hells, people. I’m just thankful that my little buddy is still around.


Me and my little guy…I guess the air must taste like…something?



And there’s Alice! Older, wiser (well, wiser than her Brother, anyway) But still cute!

That’s really all that’s been going on, really. I mean, outside of all of the crazy political insanity that all of us have had to deal with now on a day to day basis, this is it. I’m happy to still be here and have my family and friends to support me and this crazy life I’m leading.

crazy pills

Me too, man. Me too!

I’ll be around, hopefully posting more often, especially with stuff for my new podcast. maybe a poem here or there, updates on the band and shows and things, and also maybe some essays about stuff happening in the world; cuz, yeah, we’re all interconnected, whether we want to believe that or not.


Yes, Maurice. Just…yeah.

Just be good to one another, please. All we have in this life, is each other.

See you all soon!

kid pres

Words to live by. Kid President knows what’s up!


I seriously think that there are people who need to read this. She speaks much truth.

Lucy’s Football

I was a skinny kid. Photos of me from back then are all pigtails and smeary glasses and I’m usually covered in mud. And I’m sometimes brandishing things like frogs or buckets of mucky water, for whatever reason. I probably had a plan for those buckets. Maybe I was going to put the frog in them. I don’t know.

Then puberty hit. You can’t fight science, people. I come from hearty peasant stock on both sides of my family. Dad’s side are all, in his words, “built like tops – big on the top, skinny on the bottom.” (I attempted to explain to him that’s not exactly how tops work, and also we don’t spin very well, but he was all “WE ARE LIKE TOPS!” so who am I to argue with him?) and my mom’s side are all built like the Goddess of Willendorf. Curvy doesn’t even begin to…

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In regards to being a Geek of Color….


Hey everyone sorry for being so late with this, but things have been a little busy and with the next part of our campaign saga starting tomorrow night, I figured that this would be a good time to let you all know how the first part of this saga ended last friday! Enjoy it!! 


When we last left our heroes, we saw them defeat Rory, the halfling rogue, and his band of halfling ruffians. Having befriended the surviving members of the group and gaining their loyalty, the crew of The Barrel and Hammer tavern (led by the goblin, Skakaan) make their way to valve cluster E-213.

Sharn Sewer

The goblin showed them down the narrow path leading deep into the tower. The stench of the mold and sewage alert them to how close they all are to the sewer. For reasons unknown, Vit was not able to accompany the group, but an Elf Seeker by the name of Elros had been nearby and witnessed the battle in the Market. Sensing the need from the group, he traveled down into the sewers with them, hoping to reach the Valve cluster. As they enter the sewer, Elros notes that they are not alone and Skakaan flees back up to the surface.

Not moments after Elros’s observation, a crossbow bolt streaks over their heads and a pair of Warforged appear from the shadows of the dark and dank sewer. Only one of them speaks. “You have the Provost’s Journal.” It stares pointedly at Bolgor. “Give the book to us, and we will allow you to live to see another day.”

The other Warforged speaks then, a sinister smile spreading across it’s metal face, “Refuse, and we will make your deaths slow…and painful!”

Harjongr tried reasoning with the duo. “Look, what is it that you want with the book?”

The Warforged Attackers eyes blaze in the dark. “That is only for our master to know!” They wage their attack upon the group, soon joined by a trio of Razorclaw Shifters, that savagely launch themselves at the party. Contending with the warforged, who seem to vanish and reappear to strike at will at them; and the shifters , who mindlessly attack Bolgor and Horjongr; the party must also avoid the random movements of the sewer valves which either shoot gouts of flame or a sudden column of steel. Caught by one such column, Bolgor and “Wolfie” (his Direwolf Mount) are knocked over, his mount landing on top of him.

Seeing Bolgor’s dilemma, the two Warforged laugh, “Serves you right, you pathetic Flesh Traitor!”

“What the hell?” Bolgor cries out in response. “Why do you keep calling me that?” Soon he is up again, and begins to attack alongside his comrades as they bring down each of the attackers. The lead warforged, finally falling, opens his chest and releases a clockwork dragonfly, much the same as the one the Warforged “Cutter” released in Sharn. Before the group can move to catch it, the machine jets away, back up the stairs from which the party had just come.

Elros looks over at the rest of the party. “This kind of thing happen to you often?

Othello, holsters his guns. “More and more, lately.”

The crew move forward through the tunnel, coming to a door lined with arcane symbols and intricate metalworking. Hamilcar notices that, in the center of the door, is fixed a piece of worked metal in the shape of the ancient house Cannith seal. The same one that covers Bonal’s journal. Harjongr fishes out the journal and moves it to the doorway to compare the two. As he does, the two symbols glow brightly and the symbol on the doorway begins to unweave itself before bursting into a magical fire. Within a few moments the door slides open, revealing the way into the Ruins of Dorasharn…

The Ruins of Dorasharn

The group moves into a passage that is completely consumed by darkness. In a brilliant move born of foresight, Othello puts on and activates his Darkvision Goggles. Through the psychic link granted by Hamilcar, his darkvision is granted to the entire party.

Upon passing through the tunnel and entering the chamber, the group is assaulted by a swarm of angry, shiny, black beetles. They are easily destroyed with the use of one of the many fire bombs that the group purchased before their journey. However, the assault does attract the attention of a horde of giant rats that ambush them as they progress through the ruin. Our heroes manage to corral them all into a corner and end the threat they pose just as easily.

As they deal with the rats, Wolfie and Othello break away from the rest of the group for a little scouting. Wolfie gets an uneasy vibe as they approach a ruined old temple. Othello takes out the long gun he purchased and looks down the sight and into the room, using Wolfie as a shield. He discovers a small magical pool inside of it and wanders nearer. Satisfied that the room is free of any possible threat, he examines the room and the pool itself and learns that it is part of a healing fount. Moving back into the range of Hamilcar’s psychic link, he informs the rest of the party of the fount and they, having just defeated the last of the giant rats, all move to the temple room to partake of the waters. The two dwarfs storing some in a vial (oh yeah, Vit has come back, paid Elros 250gp, and relieved him of his post) to take with them for later.

The group soon come across another room with admantine double-doors that bear, you guessed it, the Ancient House Cannith seal. Horjongr touches the old journal to the door and waits…

Nothing happens.

After some observation and scrying on the doors, they discover that the doors are spell-sealed and fortified by an amazing lock system that, unfortunately, none of the gang have the skill to unlock. As they check around the outside of the room, they notice a gaping hole in the roof and, after skillfully climbing the wall, Othello is the first to enter it.

The room turns out to be the ancient foundry that the party had been sent to find. As he looks around the room, he notices three pairs of glowing eyes staring back at him from the shadows.

They are warforged doggies…er…woof?

Three warforged dogs step forward, a collective metallic growl vibrating from the trio.

Wisely, Othello leaps up the wall and back through the large hole and onto the still intact portion of the roof, where the other heroes have begun to gather.

“Uh, guys…metal dogs down there.” He speaks as the Vit and Horjongr make it up onto the roof. “They don’t look very friendly at all.”

Horjongr looks down into the room, the dogs look back up at him, almost quizzically. “Well, what we need is in that room. I’m bloody going down there.” He leaps through the hole and onto the floor. All three dogs converge around him…

…and all three dogs sit where they stop, not moving, just staring. An occasional robotic whine escaping from one of them.

Horjonger takes his hammer and smacks the nearest dog square in the jaw. The dog’s face clangs, snaps backward, and then turns to look at him again, doing absolutely nothing.

“It’s fine lads!” The Dwarf yells to his comrades. “They won’t harm you, come on down!”

Vit and Bolgor follow Harjongr into the room, leaving a wary Othello and Hamilcar looking down into it from the rooftop. The moment their feet touch the ground, the Iron Dogs leap at them, snarling and biting. Othello starts shooting at them from his perch on the roof and Hamilcar lends the group Psionic aid in the way of his Telekinesis. The only one of the trio on the ground not being attacked, is Harjongr.

It takes him only a few moments into the fight to understand why. “The Book!” He calls as he smashes his hammer into another Dog. “They won’t attack me while I carry the book!”

“Well goody for you, Mate!” Vit yelled as he smashed through one of the Dogs with his hammer. As the dog fell, deactivated, a small rectangular rod expelled itself from it’s head. Vit looked at it curiously and then went to aid his friends, reaching Bolgor just as he was finishing off another of the constructs. A triangular shaped rod, emerging from it’s head.

“I got this one.” He wipes what looks like oil from his blade and dusts away the metal shavings from the dog he had just felled and they both turn to aid Harjongr, converging on the last of the metalllo-dogs and rendering it scrap metal. From this dog’s head a circular-shaped rod emerges the only intact piece of what used to be a metal dog. The Trio examine the rods as Othello and Hamilcar descend onto the floor, satisfied that they have quelled the threat within the room. As the two wander over to the rest of the group, Hamilcar notices the forge/furnace unit in the room.

“Hey, isn’t this what we’re looking for?”

The others look over as well, and a wash of excitement washes over the entire group at their find. They do notice, however, four depressions, evenly spaced atop the forge. A Pentagon, a triangle, a rectangle, and a circle. Othello walks over and examines the forge with Hamilcar. Together, they discover that the depressions fit the rods that emerged from the Iron Defender dogs.

Bolgor gave a look of confusion. “But, there were only three of them!”

A Quick look around the room revealed the pentagon rod, trapped underneath a large bit of the collapsed roof. Vit, Bolgor, and Harjongr work together to lift the rubble and collect the rod. They all move towards the forge and reach to start inserting the rods when Othello stops them with a “WAIT!!”

The rest of the party turn to look at him in confusion.

“The forge is rigged. You have to put the rods into the slots in a particular order, or else a magical kind of fail-safe will activate.” He explains

“Any ideas as to what the fail-safe might be?” Harjongr asks, warily.

“None.” Othello replies. “But, honestly, do you really want to know?”

Recognizing his point, the others decide to heed his advice and try to figure out what the correct order placement might be.

They start with the Triangle rod – click. And they are safe

The Rectangle rod – click, safe again.

The Pentagon rod…click, once more.

The party insert the last rod into the forge and hear the sound of something slowly shutting down, followed by the sound of something else retrieving power. There is a series of clicking sounds and a hidden vault emerges from behind the forge and opens, revealing a few gold ingots, some silver and gold pieces, a few healing potions, a potion for mage armor, an old and dusty map, and an admantine plate in the shape of a seven-pointed-star.

The schema!

They also notice that the spell-locked doors are now open.

Triumphant in their victorious find, the party begins to leave the foundry when a flaming crossbow bolt whistles just past Bolgor’s face and into the wall behind him. Before anyone has a chance to question where the bolt came from, another flaming bolt thumps into the ground just in front of Othello’s feet.

From across the room, a large Warforged carrying a large sword and a crossbow emerges from the shadows. “Weak fleshed FOOLS!” His voice booms across the distance. “Here, you will face Saber, greatest of the devoted followers of he who is the LORD OF BLADES. You will throw down the schema and walk away.” There is a bit of a gleam in his red-gem eyes. “This day does not have to end with your blood on my hands.”

Saber…yeah, that’s his real name

Othello draws his gun as Horjongr speaks up. “There’s no way you’re getting your hands on this schema, lad. You’d best be the one to walk away.”

Saber laughs hard. “You think you pose a threat to me?” He glares at all of them, stopping at Bolgor. His red-gem eyes glowing brightly with surprise and sudden rage. “YOU!” He throws down his crossbow and points a metal finger at him. “You dare side with the weak fleshed peons? You FLESH TRAITOR! You will be the first to taste my blade!”

Once again, everyone turns to look at Bolgor, who holds a look of utter confusion upon his face. “I have absolutely no idea what this thing is talking about!”

“Liar!” The Warforged shouts. “But it does not matter, I gave you your chance. Now! You will all…”

Vit raises his hammer to the sky. “CHARGE!”

No quarter was drawn. Before Saber had a chance to raise his sword, the party had torn into him to the point of barely being able to stand. He managed a good swing of his sword upon Horjongr, who staggered back at the ferocity of the blow.

In the end, it was Bolgor, himself who delivered the killing blow, sinking his blade deep into Saber’s chest. Saber looked him in the eyes and spoke one last time. “It would…be you…to end me…brother!”  A final flail of his sword landed a solid cut into Bolgor’s face that slashed in a diagonal line from just below his eye to the other side of his chin. As he pulled his blade from the fallen Warforged, he realized that he could feel no pain from the wound. Thinking it just a scratch, he turns to his friends who all gasp in shock.

Horjongr tilts his head as he takes in Bolgor’s face. “Well…this certainly explains a lot.”

Vit’s eyes go wide. “Nine Hells, man…”

Othello, for the first time, is speechless.

But it’s Hamilcar’s face, a mix of shock and horror, that causes Bolgor to worry. “You can’t be…you just can’t be…”

Bolgor looked at them all in confusion. Othello mimed at his face. Bolgor lifted a hand to his own face, feeling where the skin had tore from Saber’s final blow. Where the skin had parted, he felt something cold and metallic. Almost on queue a sudden flash of memory…

Bolgor stands on a massive battleground in the middle of the night, a large sword in one hand and a mace in the other, blood dripping from both. The old crest of house Cannith was etched upon his armor, and the colors of the house adorned his armor as war-paint. A large war forged soldier, also wearing the crest and colors of Cannith, is beside him. This figure’s armor is adorned with many blades along his back and his face, his eyes burn white in the darkness, but his face is as calm as a warforged is able to manage. The large worforged places a massive hand on Bolgor’s shoulder. “Fear not, little brother. You fought well today. I have faith that this war will be over soon and we will be as free as the humans that created us.” 

Bolgor feels a swell of warmth from the place he feels his soul must dwell, and he looks at his older forge-brother and nods. In doing so he is able to see the reflection of his own warforged face looking back at him from one of the face-blades. “That will be a good day, my brother.”

psssst...he's the bad guy

That’s right friends, the Lord of Blades is Bolgor’s Big Brother!! Take that!!

Bolgor snaps out of the memory, looking at his hands in horror. “But I’m…but I’m…I’m human!” His voice is low and scared.

Horjongr, in an act of mercy, lays hands upon Bolgor’s face and heals the faux-flesh, once more concealing his true form. Bolgor weakly nods his thanks, a wave of melancholy washing over him. Hamilcar keeps his distance from Bolgor as the party leave the ancient ruin and make their way back to Sharn.



At the Broken Anvil tavern Lady Elaydren, stunning in her glammerweave gown, beams with elation as Horjongr passes the schema to her. She raises her tankard of Mead to the entire party. “You have my thanks,” She speaks enthusiastically. “and the thanks of my House.” She looks over at Bolgor who sits alone, still in shock over his self discovery. “Will he be alright?” She whispers to the rest of the party.

Vit, takes a swig of his ale. “He’s taking the whole not actually being human thing pretty hard.” He whispers. “Granted, it does explain a lot.”

Hamilcar’s eyes flash with anger. “How could he not know?” He glances at Bolgor for the briefest of moments. “Did my father know about this?”

Othello puts a hand on Hamilcar’s shoulder. “Calm yourself, nephew. I’m certain there is an explanation for this, but let’s not dwell on this now. Let’s celebrate our victory.” Hamilcar nods in compliance, his mood somber.

Elaydren, unfazed by the outburst, happily drains her tankard and stands. “My friends, I must go.” She drops a bag containing the remaining gold for completing the assignment and smiles at them all. “If you care to, periodically check in with the House Sivis message station. I shall leave word for you when more work becomes available. Until then, I bid you a good night.” She tucks the schema into a satchel and hands it to her bodyguard, and the two of them depart the tavern, leaving the party to what merrymaking there is to be had.


To be continued…(in Shadows of the Last War



So the word on the street right now is that your friend and mine, JossWhedon, after the success of The Avengers, has not only been locked into the

X-Factor Investigations

film’s much anticipated sequel, but he has also been said to be contributing to a live action Marvel Comics television series.

This leads us to why we’re here today: While there are a few of Marvel’s IPs that are worthy of the Television treatment, I submit my own request in the form of this entry for a comic that I have, over the last few months, have developed an overwhelming affection for.


In it’s current incarnation, the book follows a smaller group of former X-Team members who, not long after the House of M business and the subsequent de-powering of 91.5% of the mutant population (also known as the Decimation or the more popular term “M-Day“), move into Mutant Town and form their own Private Investigations Agency. This results in a series of incredible ensemble stories that, to me, would make for a seriously gritty, almost Film Noir series that really knows when to be serious and when to say “Fuck off! Let’s all get silly for just a little bit!” With its engaging storytelling, its constant barrage of clever one-liners, and its attention to each character in the ensemble puts this comic at the top of my list for needing the Television Series treatment, and not the way that silly Generation X pilot went either (remember that? I’m having a really crap time trying not to remember).

My incarnation of the show would take place from the POV of James Madrox, the “Multiple Man” and would take a very Burn Notice take on the narrative. Quirky, funny, and occasionally dark and gritty…with Mutants.

So let’s get started, shall we?

Misha Collins

James Madrox

   Misha Collins as James Madrox aka the “The Multiple Man” – Having only seen him from his Comic-con footage   and other videos from youtube (I’ve only just started watching Supernatural), Misha has the wit, humor, and looks to pull   off James. From what I hear of the character he plays on his own show (he plays an angel called Castiel), he also has the    seriousness and introspective ability to pull off his darker moments. Honestly, I’m also interested to see how he handles the distinct personalities of each of his duplicates (or “Dupes”).



Zoe Saldana

Monet St Croix

Zoe Saldana as Monet St Croix aka “M”  She has the look, the attitude, and the physique to pull off the super-strong, super-bitchy M with an almost scary amount of accuracy. Honestly, is there any other choice here? No? I really didn’t think so.






Gemma Arterton as Theresa Cassidy aka “Siryn” (later known as “Banshee“) Outside of her roles in Prince of Persia and Clash of the Titans, I honestly don’t know anything about this actress. Looking at those two roles, however, I honestly can’t think of a better actress to don the red hair and sonic scream as the only daughter of Sean Cassidy (The original “Banshee”). I think she’d deal with the arc involving the death of her father with all of the emotion it’s due. Plus, she looks like she could break Jaime’s fingers. (read the comic, it’ll make sense)



 Allison Mack as Rahne Sinclair aka “Wolfsbane” Okay, so I have a soft spot for Allison, so sue me, but she has this odd innocence about her that makes me want her for the role of Rahne. She’s innocent, but can be absolutely vicious in her werewolf form. Seeing Allison take both the sweet and vicious personas as Chloe Sullivan on Smallville, makes her my shoe in here. Plus I want to here her Scottish accent.






Santiago Caberra

Julio Richter

 Santiago Caberra as Julio Richter aka “Rictor” This is a Character that, for me, wasn’t hard to cast at all. Whenever I read the comic, Rictor would always be voiced by Santiago in my head. Watching him on “Heroes” and “Merlin“, it’s obvious that he has the chops to play the  emotionally damaged, temporarily de-powered mutant.





Strong Guy… still a little too on the nose with the name

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Guido Carosella aka “Strong Guy” Even with his “way too on the nose” name, there isn’t anyone else I would cast in this role. The Rock, in my mind, fits this role perfectly. I would love to see the dynamic between Dwayne, as this character, and the rest of the characters especially the <not allowed to show this as it will spoil the story> that happens when <or this> and then <this too>.




Chloe Mortez

Young Layla Miller (age 15)

 Chloe Mortez as Layla Miller (age 15) This actress, known most for her role as “Hit Girl” from the movie Kick-Ass, is the only actress capable of filling the role of the girl who “knows things”. Her steely but quirky personality would be fun to watch if interpreted by this young lady.






Amber Heard

Layla Miller (Adult)

Amber Heard as Layla Miller (Adult) aka “Butterfly”. I only really know her from Pineapple Express, but She seems to be a perfect fit (at least looks-wise) to play the Layla who grew up in the dystopian future. Honestly, I think the “M” brand would be pretty sweet to see on her.






Jared Padalecki

Longshot (Mojoverse)

 Jared Paladecki as “Longshot”. One of the Stars of the series Supernatural and formerly of Gilmore Girls (guilty pleasure of mine), he would bring equal amounts of seriousness and whimsy to the Transdimensional, four-fingered, walking pheromone.






Gaveedra Seven

 Jensen Ackles as Gaveedra Seven aka “Shatterstar”. Yet another member of the Supernatural cast graces my list. Mostly because I find it hilarious to have the duo who play brothers on their own show to play father and son on my imaginary show. They’d even have matching star-shaped brands. C’mon and tell me that’s not funny, I dare you!





Andrew Lincoln

Alex Summers

 Andrew Lincoln as Alex Summers aka “Havok” The Starjammer and less-serious super Summers Brother would be portrayed by the star of AMC’s The Walking Dead (See? Already with the comic book cred) and cast member of the Brit ensemble film LoveActually (one of my favorite films ever). Just dye his hair blonde and he’s all ready to be well…not Scott.






Erica Durance

Lorna Dane

Erica Durance as Lorna Dane aka “Polaris” Erica already has a ton of Comic-cred after her portrayal of Lois Lane on the CW’s Smallville. Give her Magnetic superpowers and green hair, and a sexy badass you shall make!







Katee Sackhoff

Valarie “Val” Cooper

Katee Sackhoff as Valarie Cooper Katee Sackhoff, that’s right, Fraking Starbuck, has just enough “don’t fuck with me” to perfectly pull off the agent you don’t want to fuck with! Plus, I want to see her go toe-to-toe with Misha as Madrox.







Peter Dinklage

Pip Gofern

Peter Dinklage as Pip Gofern If you really need a reason why this is awesome beyond just looking at the pair of them, then you seriously need to check out Game of Thrones and get back to me with your apology. This man is AWESOME!!






Christopher Eccleston

Damian Tryp

Christopher “The Ninth Doctor” Eccleston as Damian Tryp Sr. and Jr. We’ve seen him as the Doctor, we’ve seen him as Destro in that horrible G.I. Joe movie, but I think he’d be absolutely amazing as the immortal rival of X-Factor and the head of Singularity Investigations






James Marsters

Pietro Maximoff

James Marsters as Pietro Maximoff aka “Quicksilver” We know him as Bad Guy turned good guy “Spike” from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, we know him as another Bad Guy turned good guy as various versions of Braniac on the series Smallville. Who else would be able to pull off the indecisive speedster son of Magneto?







Well, there we are, my dream cast. If you like it, have characters you want to comment on/add or even if you don’t agree with any of my choices: comment, subscribe, like, and sound-off!!

If you have any suggestions as to what my next Casting Call should be, comment to your heart’s content.

Until the next time.


So, once again, it’s been entirely too bloody frelling long since I’ve linked with you all.

This, most definitely, is my fault.

I could easily blame it on having too much to do and not enough energy, or time, or any of the other excuses that people lean on to make themselves feel better.

I’m going to tell you the truth.

I’ve been lazy. I’ve also been kind of scared; mostly of the idea that no one actually reads the randomness sprawled within this blog. And yet, I keep paying for this domain name, so I’m going to try to get better about it. I can’t promise that I’ll be writing an entry every day, or even more than maybe once a week, for that matter. I will, however, try my best to, at least, give you a weekly dosage of my particular brand of nerdy.

So here’s what’s been going on since last we spoke:

1. I left my job working for the IT call center at a large retail corp. There were a considerable number of factors involved in this that I won’t get into, suffice it to say that I’m done with that particular aspect of my life. I’ve moved on to another ITHD job where I am much happier and may be able to move up in the world just a little bit.

2. I have begun seriously writing music again. I have been remiss in this for a little while as other pursuits and general laziness have pretty much stifled my connection to my music and musical self. To this end I have begun working with my dear friend Christopher Blount and a few musical co-collaborators and we have formed a mighty Avengers-esque team known as the Gentlemen of Leisure (do we have a website? I’m pretty sure there should be a website, or someone ; should build one for us) We are all working on our solo projects (Chris just released an Album titled I Win, which is a fantastic body of work) and will be teaming up for some collaborative efforts as well. It’s got me writing and obsessing over music again, which, in the end, is a blessing in and of itself. I’m hoping that this will be just the boost I need to help me finish Singularity.

3. One of the first pieces I wrote was about my return to pen and paper tabletop gaming, primarily Dungeons and Dragons. Since then, I have taken part in a few gaming groups both in-person and online and have found lots of happiness in the games, but also have been really feeling the urge to create something of my own. To that end, I am (for the first time) taking on the role of Dungeon Master and will be running a series of campaigns set in the amazing Dungeons and Dragons world of Eberron. I’m very excited about it and have a ton of plans for the group but I’ll get more into that in a different post that I’ll put up soon. (No, really! I promise!)

4. The Olympics are coming…

Anyone who knows me knows how awesome that is and how excited I get about the Summer and Winter games…so, yeah!

Okay, that’s all I really have to say on this. I guess I’ll get to work on my other post now.

er…Ill see you…soon?


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