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So, here we are again, my friends; back with another post. I’d been working on a few other things  to post for you all, but this idea presented itself and, frankly, it was a lot more fun. So, as most of you know, I’m a huge fan of Neil Gaiman and his work and have been ever since I read American Gods almost ten years ago. So, of course, when I heard of HBO’s plan to produce an onscreen adaptation of one of my favorite books of all time I began to speculate, on my own, who might fill the roles of the characters I had come to love and, well, love to loathe. Yeah I know, this casting is not as likely to happen, but this cast would be, to me, perfect.


Shall we get started? I think so… And now…MY DREAM CAST!!

heeeeeeere we GO!!

heeeeeeere we GO!!

Shadow Moon – as played by Jason Momoa

maybe shorten his hair a bit and he will be good to play the "man-sized hole in the world"

maybe shorten his hair a bit and he will be good to play the “man-sized hole in the world”

Shadow is described as kind of dark but kind of not (I believe the actual description is “Cream and Coffee Colored”) He’s a ex-convict who has the “don’t fuck with me” look as well as the kind of heart that is vulnerable, uncertain, and empty enough to be melancholy. Having seen Jason as Khal Drogo in HBO’s Game of Thrones, we know that he can do “I’ll fucking kill you if I have to” as well as emotional enough to love his wife so much that her death leaves him feeling empty inside and then a mix between excited and disturbed enough to be shaken by her presence.


Wednesday/Odin – as played by Jeff Bridges

Look at LOOK at him! Honestly, if this man does not look like Odin to you, then I'll need a bottle of Sake to cope...

Look at him…no. LOOK at him! Honestly, if this man does not look like Odin to you, then I’ll need a bottle of Sake to cope…

He’s been “The Dude”, He’s been Kevin Flynn, he’s been Rooster Cogburn, and he’s been Obadiah Stane. If these roles alone don’t prove that he has what it takes to play the vulgar, manipulative, charismatic, and ambitious con-man and Norse Pantheon All-Father who hires Shadow to be his muscle and help him recruit for a crazy insane war.


Laura Moon – as played by Candice Accola

Loving wife, undead killer bodyguard, she works for me! Oh yes!

Loving wife, undead killer bodyguard, she works for me! Oh yes!

Laura Moon, Shadow’s Wife, dies in a car accident at the beginning of the book. Due to a chain of events that I won’t spoil for those of you who haven’t read it yet, she comes back from the dead as Shadows killer guardian. Snapping the necks or brutally ripping apart the bodies of those who would hurt her still living husband, she still holds just enough emotion to tug at Shadow’s heartstrings, even going so far as to call him a man-shaped hole in the world. Watching Candice play a teenage sometimes-homicidal vampire on the CW’s The Vampire Diaries as well as listening to her voice, she seems to me to be the obvious choice to play the only woman allowed to call Shadow “Puppy”.


Low-Key Lyesmith/Loki/Mr. World – as played by Kevin Bacon

Low-Key Lyesmith aka Loki the Lie-smith

Low-Key Lyesmith aka Loki the Lie-smith

Low-Key Lyesmith was a man of many faces: Philosopher, Convict, Driver, Co-Conspirator, Cold Bloded killer, God in Spook’s clothing. Reading the Novel, I came to the realization that Low-Key was actually Loki at the same time that Shadow did. Having seen the many faces Kevin wore in the X-Men: First Class movie, I’d love to see him wear the mantle of the Asgardian Liar.


Hinzelmann – Ian Holm

from Bilbo to Kobold. I think so!!

from Bilbo to Kobold. I think so!!

Hinzelmann is the little kind old man from Lakeside who drives Shadow around in his old clunker “Tessie”. He seems a whimsical old man, telling stories about his family and the history of the town. Unbeknownst to the town, he is Hinzelmann the Germanic Kobold who has been sacrificing young girls of the town year after year. I’ve been a fan of Sir Ian since his performance in The Fifth Element and even more so after his turn as Bilbo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings films, seeing him go from sweet old man to scary “What the fuck just happened to his face, holy shit is he going to eat Frodo?” guy, I honestly think that he would be perfect for this role.

and this, kids, is why we don't do the drugs...

and this, kids, is why we don’t do the drugs…


Moving on… Samantha Blackcrow – as played by Allison Scagliotti

She's got the look and the attitude as far as I'm concerned.

She’s got the look and the attitude as far as I’m concerned.

Sam has fire, Sam has spunk, Sam is awesome! From the moment she’s introduced hitching a ride with Shadow to the point where she plants a kiss on him that tells everyone else in the room to rightly “Fuck Off”, Samantha Blackcrow has been one of my favorite characters in the entire book. Anyone who’s watched the hit show Warehouse 13 and has seen the character of Claudia Donovan can see that Allison is basically playing Samantha Blackcrow with a really kick ass job who got the hell away from Lakeside and maybe changed her name after everything!


Easter – As played by Christina Hendricks

That's right people, THIS IS EASTER...THIS!!! Okay, sorry, I'm done with that, just had to get it out of my system

That’s right people, THIS IS EASTER…THIS!!! Okay, sorry, I’m done with that, just had to get it out of my system

Easter is sweet, sassy, voluptuous, and has a matronly-yet-sexy-as-hell energy to her. At least, that’s how I interpreted her description in the novel. What? Isn’t that what you got too? After listening to the full cast audiobook version of this (which I highly recommend), and watching her performances in the awesome cult series Firefly (Yo/Saf/Brig anyone?) as well as her voice acting roles in All Star Superman and Family Guy. (And I can’t be the only one who remembers her from MTV’s Undressed) I mean, come on, look at her!! She has the look, the presence and the voice to absolutely kill in this role.


Bilquis as played by Monica Bellucci

Yeah...I mean, just look at her!

Yeah…I mean, just look at her!

YES! YES! I know, Bilquis only appears all of twice in the book, but that doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t appear in the film and be played by someone amazing. Bilquis is sexy, sultry, and will eat you alive…literally! (If you haven’t gotten to that part of the book yet, you will and your mouth will DROP!) Watch the Matrix Reloaded and the Matrix Revolutions (yes, I know of what I ask, just bare with me here) and check out Monica Bellucci as the exile program Persephone and note the raw sexual energy just oozing from her at every word or glance. Got it? Good. Let’s move on.



Mad Sweeny – as played by Dennis Leary

You want to see him fight Shadow in a know you do...

You want to see him fight Shadow in a bar…you know you do…

Mad Sweeny is many things: a loudmouth, a drunkard, and a gambler among them. He’s one other thing as well: a leprechaun. Who better to portray the loudmouth redhead who gets into a barroom brawl with Shadow than someone who is used to playing loudmouth crazy people. (at least, as far as I’ve seen, anyway) I think he’d be absolutely perfect.


Czernobog (and later, Belobog) – played by Mickey Rourke


      UK Premiere of 'The Wrestler'

The entire time I read this book, his was the face I saw and the voice I heard when I read Czernobog (and later, Belobog). Ever since I heard his Russian accent in Iron Man 2, whatever doubt I had about him as this character vanished! Plus, I want to see him play checkers with Shadow.


Mr. Nancy/Anansi – Robert Guillaume 










I first remember him from the 80’s sitcom Soap (I am NOT old), and then from his role in Benson. But everyone remembers him the most as the mystical advisor to King Mufassa in The Lion King, Rafiki. Hearing him pull of the accent and knowing he has the ability to play a bit of a smart-ass jokester that can be deadly serious if need be. I can’t think of anyone else, really, to play Mr. Nancy. (And can make appearances in Anansi Boys) I mean, seriously, can you see anyone else in the checkered suit and lemon yellow gloves, rocking the patios? No? I didn’t think so. NEXT!


Mr. Ibis/Thoth –Tony Shaloub

Talent Names - Tony Shalhoub









Okay, so I’ve seen Monk. I LOVE that show. It’s awesome. So when I read Mr. Ibis and his mannerisms, I thought of Tony Shaloub immediately. I can’t see anyone else playing the calm but fidgety ancient Egyptian undertaker with a penchant for storytelling.  Gee, I can’t imagine why! Speaking of ancient Egyptian undertakers…



  Mr. Jacquel/Anubis – Idris Elba

Yeah...this guy gets a gif...cuz this guy was very nearly the RESPECT!

Yeah…this guy gets a gif…cuz this guy was very nearly the Doctor…so RESPECT!











I really could not think of anyone else to play the weigher of hearts/souls than this man. He has the look, the voice, and the damned moxy to don the role of the God turned mortician/coroner. Plus, his first appearance is as an actual talking black jackal. Who doesn’t want to see that??


Bast – Rosario Dawson

one word...MEOW!!

one word…MEOW!!











Okay, I’m going to be honest here: I haven’t seen her in nearly enough things, but everything I have seen her in, I love her in. She definitely has the look to give life to the cat goddess that lays claim to Shadow during his time in Cairo. Seeing her performance during his dream sequence would likely be amazing!


Media – Amanda Palmer

Yes! That's all I'm saying...

Yes! That’s all I’m saying…











After seeing the voice of the Dresden Dolls and actual wife to Neil Gaiman pose as the character in the 2013 Literary Pin Up Calendar, there is no one I would rather see look out from a television at Shadow and as “Hey, you ever wanted to see Lucy’s tits?” Followed by a quick redition of “Coin Operated Boy” (Maybe)


Chad Mulligan – Nathan Fillion

Yep, you know you want to see it!!

Yep, you know you want to see it!!












If there is anyone who can be the confident, friendly, somewhat bumbling chief of police in the sleepy town of Lakeside; it’s Mr Fillion here. I know the ladies will love seeing him in a police uniform, and he would fill it (and the role) out quite well.

need  say more, here?

need I say more, here?

Mr. Town – Jack Coleman

This is a man who does sinister and mysterious very well!

This is a man who does sinister and mysterious very well!













Okay, so, in this case, all I have is his role in Heroes to go on here, (and by Heroes, I only mean the first season as far as he is concerned) but I can’t see anyone else as the charismatic, but mysterious, and slightly infuriating agent/errand boy to the new Gods. Trust me, the dude can do smarmy like it’s his job.


Mammoth God (Voice) – Keith David 










You know him as Goliath from Gargoyles, as The Arbiter from the Halo series, and as The Shadow Man/ Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog. He has a penchant for playing Dark or Ancient things. So who better than to play this forgotten God who enters Shadows dreams to share pertinent information that might not make sense at the time but seriously comes in handy later.


Technical Boy – as played by Jonah Hill












So last up is my pick for the God of Modern Technology. The last couple of times I read this book I could only ever hear Jonah Hill’s voice as this character. He’s got the chops to give the snark, insecurity, and overblown sense of entitlement we’d come to expect from this character. He also still looks just young enough to play the role. Seeing him turn a certain Old God into roadkill would be both satisfying and rage inducing.


So there it is, friends: my pick for what I would consider to be the principle cast for this series. More characters would of course be brought in, but (for me at least) these are the ones worth paying attention to. Did I miss anyone?

Do you think I got some or all of the casting wrong?

Sound off! Let me know what you think.

Until my next post, friends (and hopefully you won’t have as long of a wait this time), be good, be safe, be awesome to one another, and don’t let the muggles get you down!



Hello and greetings my geeky cabal. I apologize, once again, for my absence. Life, as it likes to do, has been getting all up in the way again.

Nevertheless, we are all here now, and we’re here to be nerds, yes?

I agree, Doctor!

Let’s be ridiculous!!

I’ve been catching up on my comic book reading (because I LOVE them), and I came across a series I had originally thought I had been done with, mostly because I thought it had been abandoned, but I honestly should have known better.

Yes friends, I’m talking about the amazing comic by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Avon Oeming: Powers.

For those of you who have not had the chance to read this comic, OMG GO AND GET THIS SERIES NOW AND READ IT, FOR IT IS FULL OF AMAZEBALLSNESS!! (yes that is a real word…that I totally made up)

Now, that’s done, let me tell you a little bit about this series:

The title follows a pair of Chicago homicide detectives, Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim, who, having just been partnered together, investigate super-power related murders.

Yes, yes, you guessed it, superheroes are running wild in this story and, apparently, dropping like flies. Hell, someone has to solve these murders, right?

Now, some time ago, it was announced that FX was casting and producing a Powers television series.

Due to some recasting and re-writing of the pilot script, the show has been put on a bit of a hiatus (That’s what the internet said, anyway), but since I’ve gone and fallen in love with the series again, I figured that I’d cast this thing myself.

Due to the insanely huge cast of characters we meet throughout the series, I’ve just done the casting for the main roles we’d see during the first story arc: “Who Killed Retro Girl?” Which would be the introductory story arc of the show’s first season.

See? I’ve got this all figured out!

My version of the show would be aired on HBO. If you’ve read the comic, you’d never ask me why

I’d have the scripts penned by Bendis, because, honestly, who knows the material better than he does?

The show would be directed by Greg Beeman from the Heroes, Smallville, and Falling Skies.

Okay, lets get started!

"That Championship Season" Broadway Opening Night - After Party walkerc

Christian Walker – Played by Jason Patric

– I know, I know, this is the same casting from the original FX casting, but I really love this actor from his role in The Lost Boys. For anyone not born in the 80’s who hasn’t seen this at some point….STOP right now. Go and watch that movie, then come back for the rest of this!        Now that we have gotten that over with, look at the drawing and then look at him. He’s got the look and the severity to pull off the role of the former super-hero turned Homicide Detective.

claire-holt-2 deena pilgrim

Deena Pilgrim – played by Claire Holt

– People who haven’t seen her in The Vampire Diaries might not get my choice for Deena. But Claire Holt has everything that Deena Pilgrim has: sex appeal, the aptitude for physicality, and attitude out of the wazoo!!! I’m not sure I can think of anyone else to go from Klaus’s troublemaking mean-girl original vampire sister to playing the ass kicking rookie detective with entirely too much to prove! to herself and her new partner. (Even though he never really requires proof.) She just needs a bit of a haircut…

kristen-bell-epicuren-pumpkin-enzyme-peel retro girl

Retro Girl – played by Kristen Bell

– So, initially, K.B. was my first choice to play Deena Pilgrim; I mean, she’s cute, she’s short, and boy does she have a mouth on her (See Heroes and Forgetting Sarah Marshall). However, going through the casting process I came to the effervescent character of Retro Girl and could think of no one to play the most popular character in the Powers universe. Granted, you’d see her initially in the first episode as the murder victim that would kick off the show’s first arc and then through the rest of the series in a series of flashbacks, her bubbly personality and overall awesomeness would shine through.

Chi_Mcbride-3 captain cross

Captain Cross – played by Chi McBride

– I personally love this actor from Pushing Daisies, where he played a private investigator. Since every cop drama needs an ass-kicking, no-nonsense, hard-ass police chief/captain, Chi is my perfect casting, seriously. If there’s any doubt of this check him out in Pushing Daisies, Boston Public, and as Nick Fury in Ultimate Spider-Man.

tucker DHL

Doctor Tucker – played by David H. Lawrence XVII

– I’ve been a fan of David’s ever since he appeared on Heroes as the creep-tastic Puppet Master Eric Doyle, so he was my first choice to fill the role of the good doctor. I think he’s got the range to pull off the neurotic, completely out of his depth coroner. His conversations with the detectives would be awesome.

pg-24-james-franco-obama 1878552-kutter

Detective Kutter – played by James Franco

– James has the scruffy pretty-boy thing going for him. After his performance as the smarmy Harry Osborn in the Spider-Man films (well, at least the 2nd and the one that we don’t talk about), I think he would be able to amp up the level of smarmy for the role of Kutter. (and have you seen him in General Hospital? Well, I haven’t but I hear he plays quite the asshole. Get em’ James!!)

MV5BMjE4NTAyOTkyOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzI1NjM1Mg@@._V1._SY314_CR3,0,214,314_ Triphammer

Henry Cohen/Triphammer – played by Jack Coleman

– I became a big fan of Jack during his run on Heroes as “H.R.G.” (The Man with “Horned Rimmed Glasses”) later revealed to be named Noah Bennet. His performance in the role is why I nominate him for the role of the hard ass Iron Man of this universe. He’s already got the “do whatever it takes to get the job done” experience, he’d be perfect!

MV5BMTk3NTczODg1OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDY0NTUxMw@@._V1._SX214_CR0,0,214,314_ Calista

Calista – played by Mackenzie Foy

– So I know what you’re thinking: “Isn’t this the same kid that played the creepy half-breed girl in the last Twilight movie? Also, how do you know that?”

No one worry about that.

Anyway, she’s a cute kid who would be awesome as the little girl Christian saves in the first arc, spewing obscenities and dreaming about Retro Girl. Also, she’s about the right age.

Tricia-Helfer-2 Zora

Zora – played by Tricia Helfer

– Whether she’s in the role of Battlestar Galactica‘s “Caprica Six” or she’s voicing the hilarious A.I. “EDI” from Bioware’s Mass Effect series, Tricia has the looks and the intensity to fill out the role of the super powered, vizor wearing Zora. Also, she’d look super hot in the costume.

MV5BMTI2MTc5OTQ0M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjY1Mjg4Mg@@._V1._SX214_CR0,0,214,314_ Ted Henry

Ted Henry – played by Bruce Boxleitner

– One word for you here: TRON!!! Seriously, with a voice as recognizable as his, I can seriously think of no one else to fill the role of the host of the series’s late night news/talk show “Powers That Be”. Honestly, with a voice like that it isn’t too much of a stretch to see him go from the one who fights for the user to the man that does and says whatever it takes to bring you the latest breaking news on the super powered elite.

MV5BMTU3NzM5MjUwMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNDM2NDky._V1._SX214_CR0,0,214,314_ johnny royalle

Johnny Royale – played by Ray Liotta

– if there is anyone on the planet more suited to play the calm, collected, teleporting Gangster, then I don’t care. Seriously, look at this guy’s resume, entirely too much gangster cred NOT to play this role.

MV5BMTc1NDUzMzM5MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNzY1OTYyOQ@@._V1._SX214_CR0,0,214,314_ the Wolf

The Wolf – played by Vincent Cassel

– I’ve honestly never seen anything that this guy has been in, but look at him. He looks both creepy and insanely intense. I think he’s pretty solid in this role and I’d love to see him under the green light of a “Drainer”. I would say more about this character but as River Song would say:


yes ma’am!

aaron-taylor-johnson-keeps-mum-about-his-film-roles_GB jja

John Jackson Stevens – played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson

– Yes, Kick-Ass himself. He’s got a nerdy awkwardness that, under a certain light, could be pretty creepy. Stick some glasses on him and give him an obsessive kind of psychosis, and here you have the villain of the first arc in the series!



And there we are, friends. I know I’ve left out some characters, but I felt that I got the more important ones of the first arc. Hopefully FX will actually pull the show together for the public to see, but I won’t hold my breath until I hear something one way or the other.

In any case, that’s it for now! If you like it, have characters you want to comment on/add or even if you don’t agree with any of my choices: comment, subscribe, like, and sound-off!!

If you have any suggestions as to what my next Casting Call should be, comment to your heart’s content.

Until the next time.


That’s right! Give it on up!!

So the word on the street right now is that your friend and mine, JossWhedon, after the success of The Avengers, has not only been locked into the

X-Factor Investigations

film’s much anticipated sequel, but he has also been said to be contributing to a live action Marvel Comics television series.

This leads us to why we’re here today: While there are a few of Marvel’s IPs that are worthy of the Television treatment, I submit my own request in the form of this entry for a comic that I have, over the last few months, have developed an overwhelming affection for.


In it’s current incarnation, the book follows a smaller group of former X-Team members who, not long after the House of M business and the subsequent de-powering of 91.5% of the mutant population (also known as the Decimation or the more popular term “M-Day“), move into Mutant Town and form their own Private Investigations Agency. This results in a series of incredible ensemble stories that, to me, would make for a seriously gritty, almost Film Noir series that really knows when to be serious and when to say “Fuck off! Let’s all get silly for just a little bit!” With its engaging storytelling, its constant barrage of clever one-liners, and its attention to each character in the ensemble puts this comic at the top of my list for needing the Television Series treatment, and not the way that silly Generation X pilot went either (remember that? I’m having a really crap time trying not to remember).

My incarnation of the show would take place from the POV of James Madrox, the “Multiple Man” and would take a very Burn Notice take on the narrative. Quirky, funny, and occasionally dark and gritty…with Mutants.

So let’s get started, shall we?

Misha Collins

James Madrox

   Misha Collins as James Madrox aka the “The Multiple Man” – Having only seen him from his Comic-con footage   and other videos from youtube (I’ve only just started watching Supernatural), Misha has the wit, humor, and looks to pull   off James. From what I hear of the character he plays on his own show (he plays an angel called Castiel), he also has the    seriousness and introspective ability to pull off his darker moments. Honestly, I’m also interested to see how he handles the distinct personalities of each of his duplicates (or “Dupes”).



Zoe Saldana

Monet St Croix

Zoe Saldana as Monet St Croix aka “M”  She has the look, the attitude, and the physique to pull off the super-strong, super-bitchy M with an almost scary amount of accuracy. Honestly, is there any other choice here? No? I really didn’t think so.






Gemma Arterton as Theresa Cassidy aka “Siryn” (later known as “Banshee“) Outside of her roles in Prince of Persia and Clash of the Titans, I honestly don’t know anything about this actress. Looking at those two roles, however, I honestly can’t think of a better actress to don the red hair and sonic scream as the only daughter of Sean Cassidy (The original “Banshee”). I think she’d deal with the arc involving the death of her father with all of the emotion it’s due. Plus, she looks like she could break Jaime’s fingers. (read the comic, it’ll make sense)



 Allison Mack as Rahne Sinclair aka “Wolfsbane” Okay, so I have a soft spot for Allison, so sue me, but she has this odd innocence about her that makes me want her for the role of Rahne. She’s innocent, but can be absolutely vicious in her werewolf form. Seeing Allison take both the sweet and vicious personas as Chloe Sullivan on Smallville, makes her my shoe in here. Plus I want to here her Scottish accent.






Santiago Caberra

Julio Richter

 Santiago Caberra as Julio Richter aka “Rictor” This is a Character that, for me, wasn’t hard to cast at all. Whenever I read the comic, Rictor would always be voiced by Santiago in my head. Watching him on “Heroes” and “Merlin“, it’s obvious that he has the chops to play the  emotionally damaged, temporarily de-powered mutant.





Strong Guy… still a little too on the nose with the name

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Guido Carosella aka “Strong Guy” Even with his “way too on the nose” name, there isn’t anyone else I would cast in this role. The Rock, in my mind, fits this role perfectly. I would love to see the dynamic between Dwayne, as this character, and the rest of the characters especially the <not allowed to show this as it will spoil the story> that happens when <or this> and then <this too>.




Chloe Mortez

Young Layla Miller (age 15)

 Chloe Mortez as Layla Miller (age 15) This actress, known most for her role as “Hit Girl” from the movie Kick-Ass, is the only actress capable of filling the role of the girl who “knows things”. Her steely but quirky personality would be fun to watch if interpreted by this young lady.






Amber Heard

Layla Miller (Adult)

Amber Heard as Layla Miller (Adult) aka “Butterfly”. I only really know her from Pineapple Express, but She seems to be a perfect fit (at least looks-wise) to play the Layla who grew up in the dystopian future. Honestly, I think the “M” brand would be pretty sweet to see on her.






Jared Padalecki

Longshot (Mojoverse)

 Jared Paladecki as “Longshot”. One of the Stars of the series Supernatural and formerly of Gilmore Girls (guilty pleasure of mine), he would bring equal amounts of seriousness and whimsy to the Transdimensional, four-fingered, walking pheromone.






Gaveedra Seven

 Jensen Ackles as Gaveedra Seven aka “Shatterstar”. Yet another member of the Supernatural cast graces my list. Mostly because I find it hilarious to have the duo who play brothers on their own show to play father and son on my imaginary show. They’d even have matching star-shaped brands. C’mon and tell me that’s not funny, I dare you!





Andrew Lincoln

Alex Summers

 Andrew Lincoln as Alex Summers aka “Havok” The Starjammer and less-serious super Summers Brother would be portrayed by the star of AMC’s The Walking Dead (See? Already with the comic book cred) and cast member of the Brit ensemble film LoveActually (one of my favorite films ever). Just dye his hair blonde and he’s all ready to be well…not Scott.






Erica Durance

Lorna Dane

Erica Durance as Lorna Dane aka “Polaris” Erica already has a ton of Comic-cred after her portrayal of Lois Lane on the CW’s Smallville. Give her Magnetic superpowers and green hair, and a sexy badass you shall make!







Katee Sackhoff

Valarie “Val” Cooper

Katee Sackhoff as Valarie Cooper Katee Sackhoff, that’s right, Fraking Starbuck, has just enough “don’t fuck with me” to perfectly pull off the agent you don’t want to fuck with! Plus, I want to see her go toe-to-toe with Misha as Madrox.







Peter Dinklage

Pip Gofern

Peter Dinklage as Pip Gofern If you really need a reason why this is awesome beyond just looking at the pair of them, then you seriously need to check out Game of Thrones and get back to me with your apology. This man is AWESOME!!






Christopher Eccleston

Damian Tryp

Christopher “The Ninth Doctor” Eccleston as Damian Tryp Sr. and Jr. We’ve seen him as the Doctor, we’ve seen him as Destro in that horrible G.I. Joe movie, but I think he’d be absolutely amazing as the immortal rival of X-Factor and the head of Singularity Investigations






James Marsters

Pietro Maximoff

James Marsters as Pietro Maximoff aka “Quicksilver” We know him as Bad Guy turned good guy “Spike” from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, we know him as another Bad Guy turned good guy as various versions of Braniac on the series Smallville. Who else would be able to pull off the indecisive speedster son of Magneto?







Well, there we are, my dream cast. If you like it, have characters you want to comment on/add or even if you don’t agree with any of my choices: comment, subscribe, like, and sound-off!!

If you have any suggestions as to what my next Casting Call should be, comment to your heart’s content.

Until the next time.


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