I visited my home town of New Orleans as well as Baton Rouge this weekend. One of my best friends got married to a wonderful woman and was invited and honored to be asked to play a song during the ceremony. All around, the event was beautiful, wonderful, and I had a great time (aside from the depressing realization that so much ha changed since the hurricane that my old neighborhood was completely unrecognizable).

What helped make this past weekend such an amazing one was not just the wedding of one of my best friends (though, honestly, it counted for a hell of a lot. lol), it was the new friends that I made while I was in Baton Rouge. A fantastic group of friends that had all been awesome friends since high school.

We had just come back from the rehearsal dinner, where I had been having an awesome time with Jesse’s (the groom) mother as well as his former roommate. We had all taken the shuttle they had arranged for us all back to the hotel Jesse and most of the guests were staying. We had all collected at the lobby bar and I had begun to nurse a Rum on the rocks. Now, I’m fuzzy on how this happened, exactly, but I became enveloped in conversation with the wedding officiant and his fiancée about video games and Doctor Who. (trust me, if you love video games, comics, and Doctor Who, you will have a friend for life in me – just saying) We completely geeked ourselves silly together.

Yes, it was awesome. Yes, you wish you were there with us, admit it!

Eventually, the couple would leave to go home at which time the gathering at the bar/lounge/thingie had died down enough to where I was actually able to locate Jesse, having been tethered to and fro by friends and relations for the last couple of hours. Grabbing another Rum on the rocks, I wandered over to where he sat with a four other gentlemen, talking about one of my other favorite friend-for-life inducing subjects.

Dungeons & Dragons.

Two things worth noting.

One: Jesse and I met several years ago during a period in my life I refer to as “The Dark Ages” (I’ve made mention of that time in previous posts, if you recall) and developed a bond of brotherhood during that time. We were also big nerds and into the French Quarter Goth scene. (I was one of two Black Goths that I knew of during that time) He played a significant role in pulling my out of that dark place I had found myself in at the time. Hence: Brother!

Two: Fraking Morgan-Damned-Freeman was not only in the Hotel at the time, but he sat next to us (us being myself, Kyle the officiant, and his awesome fiancée Kathleen), cleverly disguised as a bearded older black man in a pair of large glasses and a baseball cap. Honestly, I think we were too busy geeking out to really notice who he was. We heard later on that he was actually geeking out about us geeking out!

I won’t go into too much detail here, but suffice it to say that I could not have had a better time enjoying Jesse’s awesome wedding to his new wife Meronica (who is AWESOME) and hanging out with the new friends that I made this past weekend. So to Kyle, Kathleen, Cindy, Jesse, Meronica, Michael A, Michael M, Rob and his fiancée, and Christian: thank you for a fantastic time and an amazing weekend.

To Jesse and Meronica: I love you both and wish nothing but awesomeness for you and your marriage. Thank you for involving me in your special moment, and for being my friends. I wouldn’t have missed this, even if the zombie, robot, demon, alien, genetically created monster apocalypse had kicked itself off.

You are all made of starlight!