MARTHA: But he’s—I’m sorry, there’s no heartbeat. There’s nothing. He’s dead… Oh well, so much for me. It’s all right. Just breathe deep. I’ve got you.
JACK: Captain Jack Harkness. And who are you?
MARTHA: Martha Jones.
JACK: Nice to meet you, Martha Jones.
DOCTOR: Oh, don’t start!
JACK: I was just saying hello.
MARTHA: I don’t mind.

i’d be a giggly mess if Jack flirted w/ me. teehee in fact, whenever i watch this bit i get the biggest grin on my face. gawd dayumm, if he effects me this much just watching him flirt w/ ppl, i would probably pass out if i got the real deal. xD

the look on 10’s face…priceless!!