Batman: Arkham Party (Batman: Arkham City Shot Set)

Crushed ice
Blue Curacao
Cranberry juice
popping candy
Fresh Mint 
sugar syrup
Blackcurrant coulis (you can buy this in bottles or jars if you don’t want to make your own)

Directions: “This shot set sees some of Gotham’s most dastardly villains taking on the Dark Knight. For The Riddler, pour 20ml of Midori down the inside of glass, then add 5ml of vodka over a spoon. For a Mr Freeze, crush some ice and pour it into your shot glass, followed by 10ml of Blue Curacao and 10ml of Sambuca. Your Joker is made from 15ml Blue Curacao, cranberry juice and rum with a topping of popping candy (“You’ll need to stir it up with a straw to get the colour,” says James). Then we have a Poison Ivy, grown from 15ml of rum, a fresh mint leaf (or a dash crème de menth if you prefer) and sugar syrup. Finally, create your Batman/Bruce Wayne shooter with 5ml of blackcurrant coulis and champagne. Now let the flavour battle commence!”

The caped crusader better have some paracetamol in that utility belt – this isn’t so much a cocktail as a super villain fist fight.

Drink created by James Dance of Loading for an article in The Guardian. Check out the article for the rest of the drinks and check out Loading for a great gaming bar and cafe.