no no no no no.
there is no such thing as “wrong skin color” in cosplay. anyone who thinks that needs to back the fuck up and look at the reasons WHY they see a cosplayer as having the “wrong skin color” 

yeah let me just bleach my skin and destry 80% of my god-given malanin to cosplay faye valentine real fucking quick

um no whoever wrote this can eat a steaming hot bowl of dicks to be quite frank

okay like they can fucking help that.

so what if its the wrong skin color, the cosplay still looks rad as hell.

There is no such thing as a ‘wrong’ skin color. So you can just back the fuck off.

 Damn right. They look fucking perfect to me.


 Funny how chances are, white people cosplaying canon Japanese characters don’t see themselves as being the wrong race.

Wrong skin color? Seriously? That’s about the most ridiculous bit of bullshit I ever heard! If I want to cosplay as a member if the Soul Society from “Bleach”, then damnit I’m going to cosplay as one chocolate skin and all, damnit!!